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Residential Services

IT support for eastbourne
IT Support

Onsite visits and remote support calls provided to enable us to respond quickly to your issues causing you minmium downtime.

cloud backups in Eastbourne
Cloud Backups & Recovery

Secure cloud backups for PC's and MAC's/

Recovery of data from failed drives, memory cards and USB memory sticks.

Apple support in Eastbourne
Apple Support

Hardware replacement and upgrades, software issues, OS installations, iTunes and more...

Computer and laptop repairs in Eastbourne
Computer & Laptop Repairs

Hardware and software issues and OS installs, Hardware upgrades, hard drive replacements and laptop screen repairs.

security and health checks in Eastbourne
Security & Health Checks

Computer and laptop health checks, wireless router security checkups and updates.

Managed anti-virus in Eastbourne
Managed Anti-Virus

Managed Anti-Virus robust protection including system monitoring to detect issues in realtime.

VHS to DVD conversions in Eastbourne
VHS to DVD Conversions

Got family VHS tapes you cannot watch, get them converted to DVD.

Data transfers - old to new in Eastbourne
Data Transfers - Old to New

Full date and program transfers from old systems to new.

computer training in Eastbourne

One on one training on PC basics, MIcrosoft applications, Apple devices (iPads) and more...

Anti-Theft tracking in Eastbourne
Anti-Theft Tracking

If your devices are stolen or lost then track their position and recover them.

33mm Slide and negatives in Eastbourne
35mm Slide & Negatives

Have your 35mm slides and negatives scanned to CD/DVD so that you can view them on your PC, laptop or TV.

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