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Managed Anti-Virus Protection

The #1 Ranked Cybersecurity Software

Protect against zero-day threats with the best cybersecurity solution on the global market


Ranked as the number one cybersecurity software on the global market, Bitdefender protects 500 million endpoints from known and zero-day threats. As a leading security solution for physical, virtualised and hybrid environments, Bitdefender builded on a trusted environment for all endpoints on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems.

With increasing security concerns, you need more than a free anti-virus solution to rely on. Choosing Bitdefender will enable you to stay safe while conducting business in the cloud with the best performing, most trusted and easy-to-use software.

Featuring supreme anti-virus and anti-malware protection against ransomware, Trojans and other zero-day threats, Bitdefender also contains a firewall and web filtering system for Windows operating systems to guard endpoints from all angles.

Managed Anti-Virus Protection is ideal for businesses that want monitored protection of their systems remotely by a IT support team.  This is also great for residential users that want their devices monitored remotely by a IT support team for extra protection.

Check out Bitdefenders CyberThreat Real-Time Map

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Managed Anti-Virus Protection

AP-it provides cloud backups
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