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Business Support

AP-it offers a scalable and personal IT Support Service, configuring and maintaining IT Systems and have a customer base that relies on our expertise and attention to detail.  We can offer a solution to meet your needs and have systems in place to make the administration and management of your systems pain free.


Our main areas of expertise include the following:

  • Microsoft Windows Desktop & Laptops

  • Microsoft Servers

  • Mac OSX

  • Lan, Wan, VPN and Mobile Connectivity

  • Printers, Copiers, MFP's

  • Internet, Domains, Email, Web Hosting

  • Office including Office 365

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Remote Backup

  • ADSL

  • VoIP (we have our own VoIP Platform)


We will help you get the most from your IT investment and can advise on the most appropriate solution for you current and future IT needs.


Please contact us for more details...


AP-it business IT support
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