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AP-it proudly supports Children With Cancer Fund based in Polegate.

CWCF was formed in July 1998 and is made up of a small voluntary group of family and friends with the main thought being to enable the children, and families of the children with cancer, to have a quality of life that we would hope to have ourselves.  Most of the time it means giving them treats or buying them something they have missed out on, normally due to the fact that their money has been spent fighting the illness or burning up petrol going to and from the hospital for treatment.

CWCF is now a registered charity. We are supported by many and, although we are not religious based, we are supported by many of the local churches. We are also no politically minded yet all the various parties have made small donations in different ways. We are not directed by ourselves, we are directed by the wishes and guidance of the families and nurses that we support but without your support we could not have that direction. So to all those that give CWCF our direction, and those that believe in our dream of helping children and their families who are suffering from, or have suffered from cancer, a very big THANK YOU!

Most of our referrals come directly to us through the community nurses and social workers who are treating the child. After we have introduced ourselves we have a talk with the family about their wishes. 

Over the years we have gone from strength to strength granting wishes such as laptops, trips, theatre breaks, football tickets, bedroom makeovers, providing cookers, dishwashers - the list goes on! In addition to individual wishes we now annually take a number of families away for a short break, over recent years to the Isle Of Wight. We also have two ten berth caravans where families can go on holiday. We organise numerous outings for all our families which gives them the opportunity to get together with others going through similar experiences and allows them to form friendships and build support networks. 

The only reason that we have been able to accomplish all of this is because the local community has supported us so well, and we are are forever grateful for this.

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