Responsibilities re Livedrive

AP-it is an authorised and appointed reseller of Livedrive Internet Limited(“Livedrive") services (the " Services " ).

The following are the key responsibilities of AP-it to customers (the "customers") who have purchased the Services from AP-it:

1.Customers will not have direct contact with Livedrive and any issues arising regarding the Services should be directed to AP-it.  Livedrive undertakes that it will not attempt to contact customers directly and makes no representation to them. 


2.Provide an appropriate level of support by telephone or email.


3.Provide support and assistance for any technical issues arising and interact with Livedrive if required to resolve these.

4.Actively manage customers accounts with the dashboard provided by Livedrive.

5.Ensure that customers are aware of the requirement to comply with the Livedrive Terms of Use. In particular special attention must be given to the Acceptable Use Clause ( Clause 19  in the abbreviated Terms of Use provided by AP-it and the Clause entitled Acceptable Use in the full Terms of Use on the Livedrive website.) This clause specifically prohibits a range of actions being taken or attempting to be taken by customers using the Services.

6.Ensure that customers do not resell the Services on to other parties which would be a breach of the Livedrive Terms of Use.

7.Ensure that, in the event of a restoration of customers files by Livedrive being necessary that any quoted additional costs and expenses given by Livedrive are accepted by the customer before the restoration is effected with these then invoiced to the customer by AP-it on normal payment terms.

8.For the avoidance of doubt AP-it is not responsible for the content, completeness or accuracy of customers files stored on Livedrive nor is it responsible for whether or not files are stored on Livedrive.  All these aspects of the Services are solely the responsibility of the customer.

Issued by AP-it on 23rd September 2019 based on the current prevailing Terms of Use and

Reseller Terms on the Livedrive website.

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